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Psychodramatic group exploring current topics in the LGBT community. Host - Juliana Saiska

Arteast Foundation, in collaboration with ECIPA / VARIANT culture, continues its initiative for the second year in a row and opens new places to an already existing group for experiential work with the means of theater and psychodrama: "Dramaturgy of Intimacy"
 We will explore the Dramaturgy in which we live in: our needs for closeness and affection;  the ways we relate to others;  the lifestyles we have and their dynamics in our relationships.
 In the group work, we will devote time to the physics of intimacy with the Body Sensing sessions of the visual artist Christian Bakalov. 
Recording Inclusion for participation takes place after sending a request to e-mail: The request must contain name, surname, age, profession, telephone and e-mail address for feedback.  And a short free text (up to 200 characters) why you want to participate in the group. Successful candidates will be invited for a preliminary interview. The group sessions will be held every Friday from 19.00 – 21.30. Participation is free, but regular attendance is required. 
About the presenter: Juliana Saiska is an artist, director, psychodrama therapist and teacher in the Master's Program "Artistic Psycho-Social Practices and Psychodrama" at NBU. Contacts For information and questions: 0887 208 161
The project is implemented with the financial support of the National Culture Fund. 

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