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OPENING is an immersive performative installation that marks the beginning and creation of

the European Center for Immersive Performative Art - ECIPA, located in VARIANT culture - bl. Vassil Levski 67, Sofia / Bulgaria. 

The center, first of its kind in Europe, is a platform that brings together various artistic practices, which combined in an authentic way lead the visitor to rethink the relationship audience-performer-artwork.

OPENING offers a personalized experience for each visitor. Beyond its artistic significance, the performance provides insights into the essence of immersive performative art and the compelling reasons behind its existence.


Crafted exclusively for the distinctive space of 'VARIANT culture', the immersive performative installation OPENING is the creative vision of Christian Bakalov. It will grace the venue until the last day of its existence, offering a one-hour duration. Visitors enter the installation individually, with sessions commencing every 30 minutes.


The event is financed by the National Culture Fund under the program "Restoration and Development of Private Cultural Organizations".



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