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Micro Dance Festival

On 17.05.2023 the International Microdance Festival will take place in the European center for immersive and performing arts - ECIPA.

Organized by Zabel Voice and Cultural routes, the festival presents

a diverse programme of workshops and over 8 performances that will be chosen by international jury from Bulgaria, Spain, UK and Japan. Microdance festival propose different ways to create new forms of contemporary art and connect with them.


Every performance in the festival is no longer than 15 minutes. The minimalist style breaks the form of usually made productions and challenges the artists to explore the unknown.                      


How do you dance when no one is looking at you?
How do you dance in your imagination?
How do your inner angels and demons dance?

The body never lies, and so don't we. We know that less is more! Closed into the borders of daily life we find our way through the crowd.

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