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one two

immersive dance performance

concept and realization: Christian Bakalov

music: Tsvetan Momchilov in collaboration with Christian Bakalov

with: Nikolay Barzakov , Demir Berisha, Aleksander Gochev, Daniel Denev , Mario Tomchev

/ Synopsis /

Life is useful
Let's celebrate
by inhaling and exhaling
alone in all together
always ending at the beginning

almost alive or dead,
i lie there,
in the rhythm of one two I breathe,
I'm get up looking for a stronghold,
I listen,
I sense into the dark,
to hear other echos somewhere near,
I find it
and shiver to dissolve them into me,
I feel those word's , accept them, take them over my desire,
it kills me.
separations are mandatory with the same love as if they were new beginnings,
a second chance to start all over and again,
we just repeat it with more hope, revenge, passion and a little sweet regret.
at the end
the answer always goes with others,
to feel , push, pull, accept , reject, fertilize, tear, take over.
take only what they took from me.
with only sip of water in my mouth,
I remain moaning to the poor sky,
I wash and water the loneliness of my body emptied of meaning,
I tap it like a cardboard box, like a can,
a coffin for everything unholy.
I hit harder and harder to knock me, you and all that makes some sense around.
I'm breathing until we raise together,
united in the suffering , in dance and death.
(ronda - acceptance of death, our own and others')
Death that gives birth

we search again,
already knowing that answers are moving in only one and two ,
as fast as our hearts beats with one common goal ,
until the end we go it through together,
until it comes a time
for other
new beginnings.

production - ECIPA - European center for immersive perfornative arts, ArtEast Foundation

coproduction - Toplocentrala / Center for contemporary Arts Sofia/ Bulgaria , NFC - National fund of Culture / program "

Recovery and development of private cultural organization " / Bulgaria

PR and administration management
Milena Dimitrova -

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